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Sikhtourism.Co.In is a Subsidiary of Mp Tour and Travels.Com which is one of the leading Indian tour operator based in the Capital city of Madhya Pradesh Offering tailor-made tour packages of Mp, India, at competitive prices, we have established ourselves as a travel agency with both interesting inbound and outbound tour itineraries. We organize various quality travel arrangements like Group tours, escorted tours, incentive travel, Car and Coach Rentals and discounted hotel bookings in India.

Sikh Tourism is an initiative by Mp tour and travels.com to promote one of the best religion by thought, and of the best community devoted for the service of the mankind. The Sikhs are always famous either in history or present day as Martyr and best service men for the mankind, they are never ever behind when it comes to the service of our country as a soldier on the border or volunteers working for the people affected by the natural calamities and for the help of the poor or in need.

We under this banner of our expertise as a travel agent are organizing tours to know them better and have a close look on the lessons of humanity and service of the mankind. By getting knowledge of the history of Sikhs and the services given by all the standards of people (rich or poor together) for the people (devotees) visiting the Gurudwaras

Straight From CEO

Sikhism - A great religion and only due to great people “The Sikhs” I was fond of this religion from the day I visited Gurudwara for the first time in 2008 on my way to Shirdi. We stopped for some rest on the way and for the first time witnessed the “Langar” the food given by the Gurudwaras. Such a humbleness in serving food like our parents do took off the plates too and those great people were doing are the arrangements from food till cleaning of utensils. I was amazed with their work for the mankind not for their community only.

Secondly, I got to witness again Sri Anantpur Sahib on my tour to Shimla and Manali a Sikh uncle of around 60+ age was collecting shoes from everyone who was visibly with his bare hands and one wealthy people (having all gold over his body) was polishing them, I was shocked to witness that I was completely shocked from inside as I handed over the shoes was feeling it I could escape that part but can’t do that as I move further I saw the people(sikhs) serving thandai (Chabeel) – A sort of Cold drink to everyone and they were cleaning the glasses and utensils side by themselves, all the people there were well reputed and rich, others were also joining them, the people engaged in the work were more than the people having it. Such a vision and feeling for the humanity touched my heart deeply and emerged as a tremendous respect for them.

When I came back I started searching and exploring Sikh Religion and their works etc. There I came to know about Amritsar Gurudwara, having the largest Kitchen, almost in the world, serving food and facilities to thousands of people daily free of cost remarkably great “What a Community”.

My friend Jaspreet Singh Reel who is a Sikh and my co-worker also from whom I came to know more about this religion and this community. Then as we are a Web designing (webmakersindia.com) co. and a Tour and Travels company (mptourandtravels.com) in Bhopal, decided to take a step forward to teach people the lesson of from humanity through our website www.sikhtourism.co.in.

This website is made with the knowledge and help of my friend Jaspreet and is also led by him as he is from the community and knows Sikhism better than me.


We have a vision of spreading the message of serving the humanity to the extent as in Hinduism it is called “Nar Seva Narayan Seva” means “Service of humanity is service to god” went emphasize the value of humanity to its extent. This will surely make earth a nice place to live and nourish upon, can teach our upcoming generation the lessons of humanity, as our people are becoming selfish and self-centered now a days.


Our mission is to make our India strong in all means, by helping poor and needy and teaching rich and educated to help the people around them to gain the same. We want a society, who is always ready to help the person in need rather than to wait for the government to act upon the same, we can help our government to in spreading thing up to the grass root level. We should be approachable to everyone and vice-versa. We should not be self concentric in any means rather be helpful in all different ways for the mankind.

So finally with our all this have initiated to make a better society to live in and spread better teachings and acts to our upcoming generation and the ongoing youth. Set an example with all your strength for the mankind and we are sure god will definitely help you in that, And its my personal experience that when we start thinking together and people near us will definitely grow not to be in more leisure but to help more people and serve more for the mankind.

“Sikhism” comes from the word “Sikh”, which means “disciple” or “learner” or from the equivalent Pali word “sikkha”. In Sikhism everyone has equal rights irrespective of caste, creed, color, race, sex, or religion. Sikhism rejects pilgrimage, fasting, superstitions and other such rituals. Myself as a Sikh I would like to say that Sikhs are identified by their unique identity given to them by their tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The five recognizable marks of a sikh are – uncut hair (Kesh), sword (Kirpan), bracelet (Kada) on the right wrist and shorts (Kashera), small comb (Kanga).

Even till date traditional Sikhs do not cut their hair and do not shave their beard or moustache, they gather their head hair in a Turban the true Sikh always follows the path shown by our great Gurus & their ideologies.

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